An Uncompromising Walk With God

Praetorians –

We, at the Praetorian Blog, believe that a Jesus centered life in this day and age is the only way to develop the inner strength and fortitude to walk out the masculine journey with success.
We know that many consider a belief in Jesus is a form of weakness. This is wrong.
It is the only way to true strength.
Why, you ask?
Because men were made with the innate desire to be recognized and be affirmed. Try, as you may, you will not escape that fact of life.
And the simple fact is that whatever recognition, value and significant which we cannot obtain from a relationship with God, must be obtained through the recognition of other men or women.
To this end, many men end up basing their personal sense of worth, either consciously or subconscioly, on their jobs, skills, exploits with women, or in this day and age, knowledge of sports, physical appearance et al.
Any man who bases his identity and sense of worth on these things is a slave to those things. When they are appealed to by others, he will feel good about himself. However, when they are not, he will have a fall.
To be a slave to anything is unbecoming of a man of God.
The only way to avoid being a slave to circumstance or the siren call of others is to have your identity and sense of worth based not upon the applause of men – but instead, upon the affirmation of your Heavenly Father and a real relationship with God.
To this end, Jesus came into the world – to reconcile men to their heavenly Father.
We encourage you, as men of God, to press deeper into your relationship with Jesus. To read the New Testament. To commit to reading Psalms and Proverbs and for you to ask God to reveal the true Life in Scriptures. To speak with God as with a good Father and to ask Him to reveal Himself to you even more – to learn to hear His voice. To surround yourself with others who are have committed themselves to the masculine journey of growing deeper with Jesus.
The purest strength is to have a relationship with your heavenly Father as the foundation of your life – to have moments with Him, the One who is strong, where His voice affirms you as a man, where you take on His strength – and therefore come into every situation and conversation, not needing any form of affirmation from others, not needing to receive, but instead, having something to give.
The men in our generation will be responsible for rebuilding our civilization, churches and communities from the damages which have been suffered from internal and external attacks – politically, culturally, and ideologically.
The strength for victory for ourselves and our children will only be found as we learn to orient our sense of worth around the Bible and our Heavenly Father’s voice.
In closing, we at the Praetorian Blog commit ourselves to the pursuit of Truth. We do not try to make allies through flattery or compromise. Our virtues are based on eternal principles which can never be changed.
We openly declare war on anyone who would oppose Truth. If you will join us, so be it. If you won’t, our goal is to destroy you – to render your lies naked by logic.
Our desire is that every action, every phrase, every blog will build men who will tear down Kingdoms and thought patterns of Brokenness in our culture and strengthen our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom of peace, joy and righteousness.

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