3 Things That Are WRONG With Being Politically Correct

Quick warning, this post is NOT politically correct. In fact, it may contain some offensive content. There you go, I’m being politically correct by warning you that I’m not being politically correct.

This post is about the problem with being politically correct. You see, political correctness has caused more harm than good in the world today. Although some good has come from it; the majority of what it’s caused is problems. God has called men to be the opposite of politically correct. He has called us to be BOLD.

The early disciples were referred to as “The ones that have turned the world upside down.” (Acts 17:6) No one has ever referred to an individual or group as “turning the world upside down” because they were focused on political correctness.

The USA has been on this trend of being politically correct for some time now. I’ll tell you one thing that’s for sure, our country wasn’t founded or made great on the foundation of political correctness. We are where we are today because of our willingness to put feelings aside and fight for what we know is right.

To take this a step further, since we have become such a politically correct society; have we gotten better or worse? You know the answer is worse unless you’re in complete denial.

Many of the issues in this great nation today have been caused by everyone trying to be politically correct. It’s taking the freedom right out of our hearts and souls. Part of the reason this nation has been so great is because we’ve been willing to fight for exactly what we feel.

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This is how God made us to be. God wants us to express who we are and not always be so worried about how standing up for what we believe in makes someone else feel. Read through the book of Acts. Those men were not doing what the world said was politically correct. They were doing what God made them to do. Because of that, they were very successful in their endeavors!

Today I want to share 3 issues that come with being politically correct:

#1. Being politically correct causes a suppression of one’s true feelings.

You cannot share how you really feel when you are politically correct. It makes you go numb. Kind of like the movie equilibrium. (Solid movie!) Not expressing how you truly feel will lead to a lack of purpose and fulfillment in life.

#2. Being politically correct causes people to “stay in the box” instead of thinking outside of it.

If you’re busy being politically correct, you’re thinking about how you can please everyone. When you focus on this too much, you’ll never stand out. Think about it, who has had a great achievement in history by keeping everyone’s feelings in mind? No one! It’s always something off the wall and offensive to many that has changed the world.

#3. Being politically correct makes people passive and peacekeepers.

To be transparent here, I’m naturally a passive individual. But, just as I wrote about in my previous post, we cannot allow ourselves to be passive all the time. Sometimes we must stand up and fight! I look at Jesus as the example for this, NOTHING about Jesus’ life was passive. He’s called every man to believe and fight for something.

Always remember, LOVE FIRST. Just because we aren’t going to focus on being “politically correct” doesn’t give us the right to be a jerk to everyone around us. It simply gives us the freedom to be BOLD and to change this world for Christ! As men, we need to step up and do the right thing for the Kingdom of God and be less concerned with keeping things “correct” in our society!

I strongly encourage you to take time to read through the book of Acts. Model your life after what these men did with theirs.

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