Christians Who Talk Bad About Church Are Making a Huge Mistake

I’ve noticed, more than ever, people talking bad about the church in general. Not only the church that I attend, but any church they have been to. Christians who are talking bad about churches are making a huge mistake.

Today I want to share 3 reasons that this is detrimental to Christianity and one solution that could turn it around.

3 reasons to avoid the mistake of talking bad about the church:

1. It causes division.
If it’s a church you used to attend, or a church you’re currently at, you’re causing division. The body of Christ needs to be full of positivity about the local church. God is all about unity. We should be too.

2. It makes people silent about their experiences.
If you, a Christian, make someone feel bad for sharing a positive experience at a church they are attending, they won’t share it with an unbeliever if you tore them down.

3. It breeds a negative mind.
If you really pay attention to the Christians who are talking bad about church, you’ll quickly realize that they talk bad about a lot of things. Trash talking breeds a negative mind.

If I’m going to be completely truthful here, most churches aren’t doing everything 100% right. That’s because churches are run by humans. We’re all imperfect.

Here’s the solution

So here is what we can do instead. When we see something wrong at a church we’re attending, our job is not to blow it up on social media or tell people about it, our job is to fill in the gap and make it better.

My church isn’t perfect. However, I know that my place there is to make it better where and how I can. And share what they are doing RIGHT while silently fill the gap where things may be wrong. That’s all our jobs!

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Speak positively about the church; no matter what your experience may have been, it is helping someone and changing their lives. That’s with being positive about!

I want to encourage you to share this post today. Share this instead of something negative about a church. I believe that reading this will help others realize the mistake of talking bad about the church and the effects it has.

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