6 Things You Can Do to Be More Manly Today

I’m not the manliest man around; but I’m certainly not the opposite. I’ve got 6 quick things that you can do today that will help you to become more manly! I encourage you to apply all of them; if you’re not up to the challenge, implement as many as you can.

6 Things You Can Do to Be More Manly Today:

1. Don’t watch TV
Let’s be real; there is nothing manly about watching TV; not even Game of Thrones. Telling people to give up TV is a tall task to ask people to do. Personally, I only watch TV with my wife, when she wants to, I won’t be the one asking.

Give up TV for today. Tomorrow and every day after that, give up the following:

A. All “reality TV” programs that you watch.
B. The news, 100%. Don’t ever watch it again.
C. Limit yourself to once or twice a week to turn on the TV.

2. Stay off of social media.
No before you freak out and have an anxiety attack, I don’t mean permanently, just for today, stay of. Let’s face it, social media is childish; even if it’s your job (sorry, it’s true) – Get yourself out of the mix for a little bit!

Limit yourself to a certain time of day to get on social media, then stick to that schedule.

3. Get outside – enjoy nature.
I love my home. It’s beautiful, it’s comfortable. I love going out to nice restaurants and venues, it’s amazing what God has given people the brain to create. But, nothing beats what the creator created. The great outdoors are his direct creation. Get outside, go for a walk, enjoy it! It’ll make you feel better and stronger.

Maybe you’re like me and you live in a city; go for a walk, look at the trees, listen to the breeze. Focus on what God created even if there is only a little bit of it around you.

4. Eat healthy.
I’m not saying go vegan, just don’t grab fast food today, take something with you from home or go to a restaurant that has healthy options.

If you can learn to do this on a regular basis, it’ll change your life. Eating healthy foods increases testosterone and releases good chemicals that the male body needs in order to be manly.

5. Go to the gym.
When you leave work or school today, head to the gym! Even just a 20 minute workout is great for your body and will help it do what it is made to do; which is be awesome. You’ll feel more like a man by hitting the weights!

Develop a gym schedule. Even if you work out at home. Get disciplined in this! One thing that my wife and I say around my house is this: “never waste a shower” if you’re taking a shower because its just time to, and not because you didn’t just sweat in the gym, you’re doing it wrong in my book! Even if you only have 10 minutes to bust out a quick workout, do it before jumping in the shower.

6. Express gratitude (in a couple ways)
A. Take time to meditate – thank God for a few things in your life.
B. Take time to encourage a friend by thanking them. Intentionally set out to thank 3 people in your life today.

“What does expressing gratitude have to do with being manly?” You may be asking. Every great man in history was a thankful man. It comes with the territory. Try it, you’ll feel great!

That’s it! I believe that if you apply these 6 things to your life today, you’ll feel more manly than ever before! Give it a shot!

If you were to add a 7th item to the list above, what would it be? Comment below!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Stuart says:

    Great blog Alex! My 7th item would be enrolling in some form of self defense training – I recommend Brazilian Jim Jitsu or a concealed handgun class.


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