6 Tips For Picking Up Chicks

Fellas, I know why you’re here. You want 6 tips for picking up chicks. Who wouldn’t? Ladies, I also know why you’re here. You want to see if I’m write about these 6 tips and if they would actually work. We’ll don’t let me keep you waiting!

First, a little bit about me. I got married at 24 to an amazing 26 year old woman who really had her stuff together – she knew where she was going in life! It took me a little while, but I implemented these 6 steps and ended up with the girl of my dreams. (Who by the way initially wasn’t interested at all!)

#1. Date around (a little)

The point of this is to find what you like and what you don’t like. It’s not to rebound or just move from girl to girl to fill a void. If you’re doing this, you’re not “dating around” you’re just running from yourself.

During this process of “dating around” don’t be an idiot by sleeping around. Despite popular belief, the truth is, sleeping around will jack you up more than anything else in life. Do your research on this topic. Check with secular sources, not just Christian sources. The data is all the same.

#2. Be confidence and wear it well.

Don’t ask about the a girl’s past. Learn about her future instead, but don’t ask about it directly. Live in that moment.

Another part of confidence is to make sure that you don’t compromise your morals for anyone. Know what you believe and why you do. If you learn that the girl you’re dating doesn’t fit what you’re looking for, move on.

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Lastly, remember that confidence comes from God. If that’s not where you get your confidence, then it’s not confidence at all. Without God, it’s called cocky; no one likes that.

#3. Treat her like no one else ever has.

Blow her mind by how well you treat her. I use Jesus as my example for this point. Jesus treated people with love. He is our ultimate example. Remember that it’s God’s daughter that you’re dating!

3 ways to practical ways to treat a women like no other man has:
A. Go on nice, well through-out dates. Go the extra mile with planning!
B. Become an expert at listening and remembering.
C. Be a gentleman. Open her doors, let her speak first, ask her what she wants. Put her above yourself.

#4. Be 100% yourself from the beginning and encourage her to do the same.

Let’s face it, you’re weird. We all are when we’re 100% ourselves. Be yourself – no acting like something you’re not. Don’t hide who you are or compromise your actual personality to gain favor. Encourage her to be herself and don’t bring up anything that she “needs to change.” The best relationships start with both partners being 100% themselves.

#5. Move on quickly when you know it isn’t right.

This is a tough one. Some people feel “committed” once it starts. Or there just “isn’t a right time to break up.” – this is wrong. TODAY is the right time to break it off if it’s wrong. Again, today is the right day, not next week or next month after you do that thing that you planned together, it’s now. Commitment starts with you. Be committed to your own happiness before the happiness of someone else.

#6. Enjoy being single and stop acting crazy.

If you feel that you cannot be happy alone, there is your first problem. The people who end up in the happiest relationships are the ones who don’t need them. Be okay with being single! No dates this week or month? No problem! Work on improving yourself during that time.

These are my 6 tips for picking up chicks. Honestly, these are 6 tips for picking up women. They work. If you do them well, you’ll end up with a lady who is way out of your league. Believe me, it happened to me, and everyone else I know who applied these 6 steps.

Want to hear/learn more?

I’ve got more details on these steps in an eBook that I released. It’s free to download; so I encourage you to check it out! It’s well worth the 25 minute read! (Click here to check it out.)

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