Mission Statement

The Praetorian Guard


The legions of Rome were the fiercest fighting force in the ancient world. From Britain to Egypt, no army could withstand the might of the Roman Legion. Of those legions, only a select few were chosen to be Praetorians – the most elite, tenacious, and disciplined men; They were known for their tenacity and skill. These men were the Emperor’s personal bodyguards, and when sent in, turned the tide of battles.


That is precisely what a Christian man is called to be – tenacious, disciplined, skilled, elite. Many are called, but few are chosen. The arduous path to which God calls requires us to give complete surrender, to give everything we have, so that we may protect that which is most valuable. This blog is here firstly to challenge you, then to build you, and to prosper you – by following and discovering God’s word.


The Praetorian Blog is a group of Christian Men of all backgrounds and ethnicities, dedicated to doing life the God’s way. We reject cultural ideals of passive masculinity in favor of God’s view of masculinity. We are warriors that wake up every single day, ready to fight the principalities which seek to destroy the ones we love.


We know that life is not always easy, and that the bible promises strife. It is by our reliance on God and upon each other that we are able to thrive in adversity. For a Praetorian, no obstacle is too large to overcome. Your Faith can move mountains. When the attacks of the enemy come, we lock our shields and move forward together.


We welcome you here with open arms – as our brother. Our goal with this blog is to lift up and inspire men. To be a constant and reliable foundation for men to turn to so that we can be sharpened, uplifted, and strengthened. We fight daily to help each other place our pride to the side so we can place God at the forefront and center. Once we submit ourselves to God, we can live the Praetorian life.